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ZIVELAB has provided electrochemical instruments design and developemt in hardware and software.,

        ZIVE Z# Multichannel Impedance Monitor  


    • For versatile AC impedance experiment  of serial connected multi cells such as fuel cell stack/battery pack etc using external electronic load or potentiostat/galvanostat
    • 6 signal input channel(current and voltage)/1 signal output for sinewave
    • 5 series cells EIS measurement or 4 cells EIS wth stack voltage EIS measurement
    • Expandability of channels up to 30 channels
    • A flexible frequency generator/analyzer
    • Generate various waveforms (e.g. Sinusoidal etc)
    • Designed for spectrum analysis in the electrochemical field
    • Simulation and fitting with ZMANTM
    • Software controlled function
    • Graphic-based user-interface
    • Dual real time graph (Bode, Nyquist, etc.) during measurement
    • Free analysis using ZMANTM impedance analysis software without license code


    The Zive  Z#  multichannel impedance monitor is for multichannel application  to measure several impedance simultaneously in fuel cell stack or battery pack etc.  This can measure impedance spectrum of each cell and system can be expanded by connecting other slaves.

    Z# multichannel impedance monitor has an independent 6 channel AI(analog input) board. So it can provide real multichannel EIS monitor function synchronized.

    Some other commercial multichannel impedance monitor use a multiplexer to measure EIS sequentially. This kind of instruments take a long time to measure EIS. EIS measurement is time domain so synchronized measurement is essential.


    Zive  Z#  provides all tools for the application of fuel cell, battery, solar cell, super capacitor and general electrochemical study requiring EIS measurement using external electronic load or potentiostat/galvanostat.  By employing electronic load, Z# can be used to determine the efficiency of fuel cell and anodic/cathodic process mechanism by calculating impedance with the measurements of I and E at given frequency.  The complete system is software controlled and all functions such as calibration and measurement is automated.

     ZIVE Z# Navigator Software

    Z# navigator is Z# control software. This can be used with external potentiostat/galvanostat or electronic load by setting for impedance measurement or waveform generator.


    List of impedance techniques with Z#

    • Frequency response analyzer (FRA)
    • High frequency resistometry (HFR)
    • Galvanostatic electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (GEIS)
    • Galvanostatic HFR (GHFR)
    • Potentiostatic EIS (PEIS)

     Z# setup                                             Transient recorder (waveform generator)
    DC/Sine/Cosine/Ramp/Sawtooth/Square/Triangular/Pulse/Multi-tone/ Arbitrary


    Monitoring                                                             Lassajous plot

    Real time Nyquist plot                                          Real time Bode Plot

    ZMANTM will be supplied for analysis of Zcon data without license code.



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