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ZIVELAB has provided electrochemical instruments design and developemt in hardware and software.,

        ZIVE Battery Impedance Analyzer  

    The BZA1000/BZA60  are battery impedance analyzers.
    These can measure battery impedance. Fixed frequency impedance or whole impedance spectra. Also, these can measure open circuit potential and battery temperature using optional PT100 sensor. Independent impedance analysis software package ZMAN can read the data file and fit the equivalent circuit models automatically so user can determine the battery status.


    • - Impedance measurement of battery, battery pack&
        ESS(energy storate system)
    • - DC voltage measurement up to 60V or 1000V
    • - Quick diagnosis of batteries
    • - Battery lifetime estimation
    • - LAN interface with PC
    • - ZMANĘ‚ impedance analysis software without license
    • - Cell temperature monitoring


    Main Screen (Before the Experiment) 

     - tab to see Bode, Nyquist or raw data list 

     - real-time monitoring of current/voltage range, measured voltage value, and
       measured temperature value regardless of if a test is started.
       (data are not logged.) 

     - displaying frequency, impedance, phase date of current measured point

     - galvanostatic EIS test 

     - bias and amplitude current range is automatically set according to current setting range. 

     - frequency range, number of data stored, number of repeated measurments, etc. can be set.

    Readings During Measurement

    - dispaly a real-time Lissajous figure

    Main Screen After Measurement

    - detailed information about data point (samples)

    Main Screen After Measurement

    Main Screen After Measurement                 LEVM fitting

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