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ZIVELAB has provided electrochemical instruments design and developemt in hardware and software.,

    ZIVELAB provides several software packages including data analysis software and specific control & data acquisition software. 

    ELAB products users can use data analysis software package for data set from ZIVE products at free of charge. For analysis of 3rd parties data, license code is needed.  


     ZIVE ZMAN Impedance data analysis software  

    Available EIS Data format  with license.

    • ASCII file (*.dat, *.csv, *.txt)
      • HP
      • Novocontrol
      • Hioki
      • Other manufacturer's ASCII data
    • Zahner elektrik (*.ism)
    • Gamry Instrument (*.dta)
    • Autolab (*.dfr)
    • Solartron (*.z)
    • Origalys (*.crv)
    • Biologic (*.mpt, *.mpr)
    • Ivium (*.idf, *.ids)
    • Palmsens (*.pseisdata)
    • Inphaze (*.izx)
    • Voltalab(*.crv)

    Available EIS Data format(WonATech data file)  without license.

    • SmartManager Data file (*.sde, *.seo)
    • WEIS data file (*.wdf)
    • Z#/Zcon data file (*.wis,*z#)


    The Zive ZMAN Impedance data analysis software includes following functions.

    • Model simulation and fitting
    • Automatic equivalent circuit model search function
    • Project concept to handle multiple EIS data analysis
    • Parameter plot from fitted elements value
    • Compatible with data format from Zahner, Gamry, Ametek etc. (License code needed)
    • Various weighting algorithm
    • Model library and user model
    • KK plot
    • Batch fitting for project data
    • Impedance parameter simulation
    • Interpolate bad data
    • Black-Nichols plot
    • 3D graph setting option
    • Improved model editor
    • Application model library for automatic searching
    • Parameter simulation of model
    • Genetic algorithm option for initial guessing
    • Automatic initial guessing
    • Trace movie function on fitting
    • Free for ZIVE data format(*.seo, *.wis) analysis (No license code required)
    • Circle fitting
    • Data editing available (insert, delete, edit)
    • Add/subtract element parameters
    • Add/subtract model parameters
    • Impedance,Z in polar, admittance, Y in Polar, modulus, M in polar, dielectric constant, E in polar. data display
    • Empty cell capacitance calculation
    • Find file function
    • Data replacement by formula function
    • Cursor data display
    • Model finding result automatic sorting by Chi square value
    • R, C R,L R, Q preview & graphic
    • ZHIT function
    • Mott-Schottky analysis
    • Donor density vs. Vfb graph
    • C vs. voltage graph


     ZIVE IVMAN Main Software 

    • Electrochemistry data(CV, Tafel, etc.) analysis software
    • Tafel analysis function
      - Initial guessing
      - Automatic fitting
      - Corrosion rate calculation
    • Linear polarization automatic fitting and analysis function
    • Peak search function
    • Support various graph function
    • Various analysis functions as simple math, interpolation, smoothing, (semi) derivertive, (semi) integral, etc
    • Report function
    • 3rd party product data analysis (needs license code)
    • Free for ZIVE product data format analysis (no needs license code)







     ZIVE IVMAN Option Software 

    • IVMAN Optional packages are scientific software packages for ZIVE data files only
    • IVMAN option software packages include;
      1) IVMAN Dfferential analysis software
      2) IVMAN Tafel analysis software
      3) IVMAN Photo voltaic cell analysis
      4) IVMAN Peak find module
      5) IVMAN EX Extractor
    • No needs license code

    • 1. IVMAN DA Battery Test Data Analysis Software
         - Battery test data analysis
         - Electrochemical voltage spectroscopy (dQ/dV vs. V)
         - Voltage vs. Capacity analysis (V vs. Q)
         - Cycle graph (Q vs. cycle)
         - Differential voltage graph (dV/dQ vs. Q)




                  2. IVMAN Photovoltaic Cell Analysis


                 3. IVMAN TA Tafel Analysis
                    - Simple Tafel calculation


                 4. IVMAN PF Peak Find Module
                    - Independent peak finding software

                 5. IVMAN EX Extractor
                    - Extracting data by cycle number or step
                    - Exporting ASCII file



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