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ZIVELAB has provided electrochemical instruments design and developemt in hardware and software.,

        ZIVE ZB series External power booster  

    High Current-Voltage Booster
    for high power electrochemical application 

    A power booster became a must have item for applications that require high power(high current and/or high voltage), such as automotive lithium batteries, super capacitors, fuel cell stacks, corrosion, electrosynthesis, plating, electrodeposition, bulk electrolysis, etc. Our new ZIVE ZB series boosters will be the best choice to meet market demand.

    The ZIVE ZB series boosters are a new generation of single or multi-channel high current instrumentation and they are designed to increase the maximum current and/or maximum voltage of ZIVE series potentiostat/galvanostat

    The ZIVE ZB series boosters have full dc capabilities and are ideal for a wide range of electrochemical applications including high speed voltage/current pulse techniques. And impedance analysis techniques such as single- and multi-sine and HFR test, etc. are also available. Wide frequency ranges covering 10uHz to 1kHz(10kHz) depending on system power enables user to characterize energy storage devices and electrochemical cells over their full frequency range.

    This ZIVE ZB series boosters are designed as stand alone type or rack mounted type and have multiple booster modules placed inside it. The power capability can be growing by adding module units to the existing system (factory configuration).



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