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    Multichannel        Potentiostat/Galvanostat

    Dual Channel        Potentiostat/Galvanostat 

    Portable        Potentiostat/Galvanostat
    Impedance Monitor
    Battery Impedance Analyzer

    External Power  Booster

    Multichannel  Impedance        Monitor


ZIVELAB has provided electrochemical instruments design and developemt in hardware and software.,

    8channel coin cell jig 4pin probe lever type

    8channel universal jig for 4 pin probe Mid power lever type

    coin cell adapter for SP1,MP1,SP2,BP2,MP2

    single channel pouch cell(LIP cell) jig (PCJ1)

    single cell universal battery jig (UCJ1A)

    Knob type 4 Pins Universal Jig

    Knob type 4 Pins Prismatic Battery/Pouch cell Jig

    Dual direction high current pouch cell



     Conductivity measurement jig

     Faradaic cage

     Corrosion Cell kit

    General 1Liter Corrosion cell      Water Jacketed 1Liter corrosion cell kit

    Teflon cell kit

     Plate cell kit

    Simple plate cell kit                                  Plate cell kit                               


    Water jacketed plate cell kit                     paint test cell kit

     H type cell kit

     universal Cell holder


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