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ZMAN software does not need license code to analyse WonATech product's EIS data file. But for 3rd parties data file or Ascii file, you need license code.

License code is only activated per PC so if you want use ZMAN on other PC, you need to purchase license code..

If you need licence key, please contact us about pricing via

If you have license code for previous ZMAN2.0 or ZMAN2.1, you can use ZMAN2.32 with same license code just by installing ZMAN2.4 software.

ZMAN was programmed by Labview, so you must install  32bit Labview runtime engine 2013 in order to use Zman software.

This software also require  Microsoft .NET framework4.

Available EIS Data format  with license.

Available EIS Data format(WonATech data file)  without license.


If you have comment or question, please feel free to contact WonATech (

You can download this sofware on the following link and you need to install NI's runtime engine 2013 32bit version.

 ZIVE  ZMAN ver2.4 Download

* Above softwares needs 32bit Labview runtime engine 2013 even if your OS is 64bit.

64bit Labview runtime is not available for these softwares.

LabVIEW RTE 2013 (32 bit):

How to activate ZMAN license code

If you did download  ZMAN, please fill the following table for our further developement.

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